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The important of good web design in digital marketing

Wondering how web design can improve your digital marketing effort? Keep reading to learn why web design is important even to improve your overall marketing plan?

Wondering how to improve your digital marketing strategy even more? you might be looking too closely and missing the forest for the trees. Very often, companies have amazing marketing campaigns that go to wastes, because they lead to a website or landing page that is poorly designed or isn’t optimized. Good website design can do a lot for your overall marketing> From increasing conversions and helping you rank in search results, all the way to helping you nurture your brand image. so, needless to say, a good web design is more than necessary. here are some of the biggest reasons why. 

It reflects your brand online

Let’s assume that you have a great digital marketing campaign that is posted on different online channels. It probably leads to your website or landing page. And if they aren’t designed well, or are completely different from what viewers have been seen on.  Say, social media, it will seem inconsistent or strange. 

You need to use the same branding guide in your web design too, to make sure that you create a virtual space that seems known and related to your brand for audiences. This website or landing page needs to certain brand elements that reflect your company well. Here are some of them: 

Logo: The logo is an integral part of a brand image and story. It is the first element of branding, and the rest is built around it. When you see a good piece of graphic design that betters the overall digital marketing strategy. There is also a logo included. Since it is a symbol that will always be tied to your company story, you should make sure that it is included in the web design. 

Branding colors: Similar to the font, your brand’s colors should be integrated into every branding material of your company. Including the website. Make sure that the design of your website carries your brand’s colors palette too. 

Branding fonts: Sure, not everyone can have custom fonts for their website, and sometimes they can be expensive. But using one group of fonts for your branding or social media, and a completely different one on your website looks sloppy and inconsistent. Make sure to infuse the same fonts. at least in headers, hero images, and similar. 

Usage of photos, images and illustrations: When you hire a web design agency or design company, it is important to include your exact brand guideline in your brief. If you use stock photos on social media, content and email marketing, it will make sense to include these elements in your website too. However, if you are more prone to using illustrations, try to unify that look all across the brand.

It betters your search engine optimization

By optimizing your website and landing pages, you will rank better on search engines as well.

There are multiple textbook tricks that will help your website rank better with good web design, some of which are easier to achieve than others. Of course, most techniques for good SEO have more to do with copywriting, content, and backlinks, but web design can make a big difference too.

Here are some things to keep in mind when working with web design companies.

Ask for a design that you can use and update on your own

Chances are, you won’t get a new website every now and then. It is expensive and bad for brand building. So, when you ask for a website design, you should make sure that it is going to be intuitive for you too.

You should be able to add content, change CTAs and add time-relevant elements to the pages on your own. This refers to the functionality of a website too, and not just the web design. Still, first and foremost the look of it needs to be taken into consideration.

Supply them with good headlines, meta titles, tags, and descriptions

Web designers are in charge of designing, not in writing the client’s headlines and copy. So, make sure you include relevant keywords about your industry and location in your headlines, and add tags and meta descriptions for images and articles. This is a common practice of what is known as on-page SEO.

Avoid large files to assure quick loading

It is common to add images and videos in the best resolution and size possible, but this can be counterproductive. The reason for that is that large files take a long time to load, which then makes the search engine think that the website isn’t optimized and ranks it lower.

And it’s not a great experience for visitors either: no one likes waiting for minutes for a hero image to load on a website. 

Optimize for mobile devices

More and more people are searching for a business or making a purchase on the phone by the day. According to a report, up to 70 percent of web traffic happens on a mobile device. Furthermore, 80 percent of shoppers use smartphones during physical shopping, 70 percent of smartphone users have bought something in a store after using their phone to discover more information and 69 percent of smartphone users would buy from stores that have mobile sites which cover their questions or concerns.

So, it is pretty clear that people are using their smartphones to learn more about a business. That means that your website should be responsive to other devices too, not just computers. 

Make sure there are no broken links in calls to action and landing pages

There is no bigger red flag to search engines than broken links: they affect the website’s ranking and are generally a very bad experience for visitors. So, when your design is done, and the website is developed, click on all the CTAs and landing pages buttons during your big quality check to ensure every link that is active.

It helps your social media marketing

A good-looking and optimized website or landing page that is the final destination for your marketing campaign will bring a better result for many reasons. 

First and foremost, it will give social media engines a reason to believe that your website should be seen by the audiences you are trying to reach, and deliver to more people.

Secondly, when people land on a bad website that isn’t intuitive and doesn’t offer them a good experience, they are more likely to bounce, i.e. leave the website. This also influences the overall success of your marketing campaign.

Lastly, when the audience of your social media campaign lands on a website and finds exactly what they need, they will be likely to visit again. If they see something completely unrelated or a website where they can’t find what they are looking for, this will leave a wrong impression.

Its improve the user experience

Always keep users in while creating your website and developing your website. Make sure it’s intuitive, easy to navigate, and simple to use. Users will lose interest and quit if your website doesn’t have a simple interface. By making sure audience can quickly discover and click all of your website’s links, and that the site loads quickly, people will have a much better user experience while visiting. This will significantly improve your marketing too. In its search results pages, Google now considers website loading times and mobile-friendliness as major ranking criteria. This will significantly improve your marketing too. In its search results pages, Google now considers website loading times and mobile-friendliness as major ranking criteria.

Optimize your website for these characteristics if you want it to rank well on Google. Users prefer to access websites on their mobile devices and want them load quickly.

It boosts your conversion rate

Because of all the previous reasons, a good web design and an intuitive, branded website or landing page will have a much better chance of higher conversion rates. 

From good navigation to using color psychology to attract people into making a certain action, and of course, using the right wording to inspire them to make a purchase, each and every elements on your website can help you balance out the overall marketing success of your business.

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