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Instagram is a photo-sharing app for smartphones.

Build your business on Instagram

Instagram is one of the great platform for business. it has over 1 billion monthly users. many brands are finding ways to interact with the instagram community. it bring you customers who are really related to your product.

Why do we need to build it ?

1. booting brand visibility:  it is helpful creative content, you can easily increase the number of brand mentions and make more people notice your brand.

2. great engagement: you know instagram is the king of social engagement.

3. visual marketing: with the right content you can easily put your brand ahead of the pack by making it easier for your target audience to share.

4. seo: it is search engine optimization is at the core of any marketing campaign.

How to use instagram for business

>> firstyou have to customize your business profile. it includes profile photo, website, bio, account name, username.  you can’t do much on instagram until you properly fill out your profile.

>> Secondyou have to adopt a mentality tribe. there are so many users and photos floating around on instagram. to be standing out might seem like an uphill battle. instead of worrying about boasting big numbers, it’s best to approach instagram for business with a sort of “tribe” mentality. start small, establish relationships and engage with others one-on-one. hashtags is an essentially act as a search function for instagram to find relevant followers and brands.

>> thirdlyyou have to plan public goal-driven content. there are so much diversity in terms of what you can post. instagram is about so much more than random selfies and snapshots. posts like this one from gopro are shining examples of goal-driven content in action.

on the top of that, you also have to craft your brand’s narratives. it is better way to captivate followers. the common sense of big brands on instagram is some sort of narrative. through imagery, they’re able to speak to the interests and desires of their audience.

Moreover, you have to show off your products by promoting whatever you have to sell. creativity counts on instagram unlike any other platform. diversifying your content strategy while also promoting your products. video content is popular on instagram right now. user-generated content in the form of customer photos can be some of your strongest marketing power. there’s a reason why even some of the biggest brands on instagram regularly regram photos from their followers’ feeds. last but not least, you have to tap to the power instagram ads. it’s much easier to get in front of people organically from instagram. although not a must do by any means, consider how instagram is continuously prompting new features for business.

you can utilize instagram ads for your business such as stories ads, collection ads, photo ads, ads in explore feed, video ads, and carousel ads.

>> stories ads

complement your feed content with ads on instagram stories. connect with over 500 million accounts using stories daily. learn more about stories ads and specs.

>> photo ads

tell your story through a clean, simple and beautiful creative canvas. photos can be in square or landscape format.

>> video ads

get the same visually immersive quality as photo ads, with the added power of sight, sound and motion. and now, you can share videos up to 120 seconds long in landscape or square format. 

>> Carousel ads

Add another layer of depth to campaigns, where people can swipe to view additional photos or videos in a single ad.

 >> Collection ads

you can use collection to visually inspire and help your audience discover, browse and purchase products. tell an integrated story with a product or lifestyle focus, through video, images or both.

>> Ads in explore

reach people in a discovery mindset by extending your feed ads to audiences who are looking to expand their interests beyond the accounts they follow. learn more here, or get started straight away by creating your own ad.

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